Weather & Hot Air Ballooning

May 9, 2010 by admin

People ask, why do we fly hot air balloons so early in the morning?   We generally fly hot air balloons just after sunrise when the winds are more calm and the weather conditions are more stable.  This stable condition is the result of  overnite cooling and the cooler air settling to the ground with warmer air aloft.  As the sun warms the earth’s surface, the cooler air at the surface begins to heat and rise and gradually creates more unstable conditions such as wind, clouds, and precipitation.  Visualize a pot of water heating up on a stove.  Notice how the water starts move and as it comes to a boil; this is a good analogy to what is happening in the atmosphere as the sun heats the earth’s surface.

Hot air balloons must fly in light winds, reasonably clear skies, and no precipitation or cold fronts in the area.  We know people are disappointed when their hot air balloon flight is cancelled due to unsafe weather.  At Life Cycle Balloon Adventures, safety is rule #1.  Rule #2 is that we want our passengers to have a wonderful and fun flight.  This is why we have been in business since 1971.