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Great Flight Today
May 12, 2013 by Michael Gianetti
We didn’t fly mom today but a grandfather and grand daughter and her 2 friends.  A great hot air balloon flight out of Boulder, Colorado. Continue reading

Balloon Flights at the Erie Town Fair are available to the public
March 8, 2011 by Michael Gianetti
This year, the Erie Town Fair, the second largest balloon rally in Colorado out of Erie, CO is offering balloon rides to the general public.  Just visit for more information.  Click on our contact us tab to get info on how contact us and schedule your flight.  Proceeds from the flights go to the […] Continue reading

Going to Albuquerque for a student check flight!
by Michael Gianetti
We have a student pilot ready to do his check flight with a pilot examiner.  We are going to Albuquerque this weekend for his oral and flight exams.  I am very optimistic he will do well.  He has flown very well in our training flights and knows his FAR’s (Federal Aviation Regulations), map reading, air […] Continue reading

New dates for the Frederick Hot Air Balloon Rally
February 21, 2011 by Michael Gianetti
The Frederick hot air balloon rally, known as Miners Day held in September, has been changed to Frederick In Flight and schedulded for June 25th and 26th.   The dates have changed but all the great perks remain.  Not only a great flying area, we still have a great pilot/crew/sponsor dinner at the golf course on […] Continue reading

Events for Life Cycle Balloon Adventures
February 3, 2011 by Michael Gianetti
Life Cycle Hot Air Balloon Adventures is planning a busy flying season. We start out the season by attending an annual hot air balloon safety seminar in Cheyenne Wyoming February 26th.  Balloon pilots & crews attend an annual review of safety procedures. May 20th, 21st, & 22nd we will be flying at the Erie Town […] Continue reading