Our Repair Station is certified for another year

March 18, 2010 by admin

Today the FAA did their annual visit and inspection of  Life Cycle Balloon Repair, our FAA certified balloon repair station.   They were pleased with our procedures  and overall repair station operations.

Balloons are federally registered aircraft and must inspected and repaired by FAA certified balloon reapair stations (that is why our repair station must be inspected annually by the FAA).   We make sure balloons are airworthy and safe for flight and we take care of any repairs that may be needed.

Most balloon repairs are a result of situations occurring on the ground like being stepped on during packup or getting torn by some obstuction on the ground.  Sometimes balloons get burnt during inflation or damaged during a windy landing.  It is extremely rare for an equipment problem to occur during flight because of the inspections and maintenance required for hot air balloons (as with any other aircraft).

Life Cycle Balloon Repair, Certified Repair Station LCBR329X http://www.lifecycleballoons.com/services.htm