Hot Air Balloon Rally Season is coming

May 28, 2010 by admin

All across the country, cities and organizations sponsor hot air balloon rallies during the summer months.  What is a hot air balloon rally?  Quick answer: a gathering of balloonists, their crew, their balloons, and sponsors at an organized event.  Generally hot air balloon rallies are centered around a town celebration or are a celebration in their own right.  Balloon rallies are beautiful to watch as the multi-colored balloons inflate and fill the skies.  During the event, there may be vendors selling their food and wares.  There may be exhibits, parades, and even a great party.  Life Cycle Balloon Adventures will be going to South Park over Father’s Day weekend offering balloon flights.  South Park is located in the central Colorado mountains about 55 miles west of Colorado Springs.  We are also in South Park the 3rd weekend of August for an End of Summer South Park Fly-out.   Life Cycle Balloon Adventures is coordinating a rally in conjunction with the Town of Frederick Miners Day celebration the 18th and 19th of September.  Frederick is a small town just north of Denver.