Life Cycle Balloon Adventures Blog

Want to Learn to Fly?
April 24, 2010 by Michael Gianetti
We’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about learning to fly a hot air balloon.  The process is similiar to learning to fly any other type of small aircraft… ground school, flight training, written test, oral exam, and flight exam to earn your private pilot certificate to pilot a hot air balloon.  You are now […] Continue reading

A Great Balloon Flight on tax day
April 16, 2010 by Michael Gianetti
We had a great balloon flight on tax day… April 15th.  Michelle, one of our passengers, had such a great time that she wants to join our balloon crew.  We flew her mom for her birthday. Continue reading

Flying in South Park Colorado
March 26, 2010 by Michael Gianetti
South Park is a beautiful and peaceful place to fly hot air balloons in the central Colorado mountains.  It is located about 55 miles west of Colorado Springs.  This wide open mountain valley offers spectacular panoramas of the front range mountains and the Collegiate Peaks.  We do a special South Park Father’s Day Weekend Flyout […] Continue reading

Our Repair Station is certified for another year
March 18, 2010 by Michael Gianetti
Today the FAA did their annual visit and inspection of  Life Cycle Balloon Repair, our FAA certified balloon repair station.   They were pleased with our procedures  and overall repair station operations. Balloons are federally registered aircraft and must inspected and repaired by FAA certified balloon reapair stations (that is why our repair station must be […] Continue reading

Smiling at 9,000 Ft.
March 16, 2010 by Michael Gianetti
It was a beautiful day to fly last Sat the 13th!  We went up to about 10,000 feet to drop a parachutist.  We came down a little and got this picture at 4,000 ft above the ground over Boulder, Colorado.   Our main balloon flying season will be here soon.  Not only will be flying in […] Continue reading

Balloons For Sale
March 12, 2010 by Michael Gianetti
Spring time turns one’s heart to the skies and freedom of flying.  Spring time is also a great time to buy a balloon and gear up for some great summer flying.  We have been busy repairing & inspecting balloons  so they’re ready for summer.   We have also been selling new & used systmes to new […] Continue reading

We had a great balloon flight
March 10, 2010 by Michael Gianetti
Tim and Jamie enjoyed their balloon flight with us last Saturday. We enjoyed a beautiful March morning and had a great time.  They got to watch a couple of skydivers jump out of our basket from over 5,000 ft. above the ground.  Tim was a little nervous about heights at first, but as he got […] Continue reading

Annual Balloon Safety Seminar
March 5, 2010 by Michael Gianetti
Each year balloon pilots and crew are requested to attend a BFA (Balloon Federation of America) sanctioned safety seminar.  These seminars, held all around the country, are refresher courses about safety, decision making, and to reflect on how we can make ballooning an even safer activity.  We attended the safety seminar hosted by the Cheyenne […] Continue reading

An Engagement Flight
February 18, 2010 by Michael Gianetti
Andrew and Corine are getting ready for their balloon flight.  Yes, Corine is blindfolded.  This was a surprise flight for her and very special… Andrew asked her to marry him during the balloon flight.  She said yes!! Continue reading

Used Balloons
February 12, 2010 by Michael Gianetti
In addition to balloon flights, Life Cycle Balloons sells new and used balloons.  Check out our website for used equipment we have for sale.   We just sold a complete balloon system, that will be a perfect training balloon for a student.  We have another nice system for sale, complete with everything needed for someone ready […] Continue reading