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Frederick Miners Day Balloon Rally is coming up

The 4th annual Frederick Miners Day Balloon Rally is coming up Sept 18th & 19th in Frederick, CO.   This year, the town of Frederick will be hosting a 2 day event.  In previous years this was only an one day event.  The Town of Frederick has been very open to hot air ballooning and is welcoming balloonists with a Friday evening dinner, fuel for their balloons, lodging and very wonderful flying.  We launch from Centennial Park on the south side of town and enjoy beautiful flights over town and open fields with awesome views of the Colorado Front Range.   We invite you to come join us as a spectator, a volunteer crew member, and we still have some openings for balloonists that would like to come fly with us.  If you want more information about this event, please visit our website at and click on the contact us link and we will send you more info about the Miners Day event.

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A beautiful balloon wedding

The Wedding Party

This past Saturday Life Cycle Balloon Adventures had the privilege to host a balloon wedding!  The couple were married in front of our decorated basket prior to their flight.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature caused a flight delay and they actually flew with us a couple of days later.  After the flight we celebrated with a special champagne continental breakfast complete with wedding cake.  We wish this couple a wonderful like together.  They had a very uplifting start….

Newly Married

Cutting the cake after their flight

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We have a new pilot!

A happy new pilot

 Chuck just earned his private hot air balloon pilot certificate this past weekend after passing his oral exam and flight exam with a FAA pilot examiner.  Chuck is now one of my “former students”.  We are all very proud of his accomplishment and now he may be preparing to earn his commercial pilot certificate are start flying balloons for hire.  For now, we are looking forward to flying with Chuck in South Park this coming weekend and have a great party at our “Umteenth Annual South Park End of Summer Flyout Fling and BBQ”.

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The Rain Has Finally Stopped

The rain has finally stopped and the sunshine is returning to Colorado.  We are looking forward to finally having some summer weather for great hot air ballooning flying.   We are also looking forward to heading up to the mountains and fly in South Park over this Father’s Day weekend.

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Hot Air Balloon Rally Season is coming

All across the country, cities and organizations sponsor hot air balloon rallies during the summer months.  What is a hot air balloon rally?  Quick answer: a gathering of balloonists, their crew, their balloons, and sponsors at an organized event.  Generally hot air balloon rallies are centered around a town celebration or are a celebration in their own right.  Balloon rallies are beautiful to watch as the multi-colored balloons inflate and fill the skies.  During the event, there may be vendors selling their food and wares.  There may be exhibits, parades, and even a great party.  Life Cycle Balloon Adventures will be going to South Park over Father’s Day weekend offering balloon flights.  South Park is located in the central Colorado mountains about 55 miles west of Colorado Springs.  We are also in South Park the 3rd weekend of August for an End of Summer South Park Fly-out.   Life Cycle Balloon Adventures is coordinating a rally in conjunction with the Town of Frederick Miners Day celebration the 18th and 19th of September.  Frederick is a small town just north of Denver.

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A happy flyer!

A happy flyer

When Amy met us in the for Sunday’s flight, she was a little nervous… actually quite scared of going up in a hot air balloon.  Todd, her boyfriend, and my crew chief Lisa talked with her and comforted her.  I also explained she had already did one of the most dangerous things she could have done already today… she rode in a vehicle to the launch field.  The balloon flight will be one of the safest things she will experience today.  We took off with Amy white knuckled, but determined to do this.  We flew low for a while and explained everything that was going on in the flight.  As she got more comfortable, we went up higher to about 2,500 feet above the ground.  When it was time to land, we came into a school parking lot and skidded a little on the parking lot but nothing really dramatic.  When she got out of the basket, she ran over to Lisa and gave her a big hug and said she was happy she did it.  In fact, she said she would be totally regretting it if she had decided not go on the balloon flight.  Now she’s thinking she wants to do this again.  She actually had a great time!

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The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple

We had the privilege of flying this happy couple this past Sunday to celebrate their engagement.  They enjoyed our deluxe private balloon flight for just the 2 of them and then enjoyed a champagne tailgate brunch after the flight.  She said “this was one of the most fun things they have done together”

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Who Do You Trust?

I am sure you get all those spam emails on how they can improve your search standings on the internet.    I tend to be leery of unsolicited emails (spam) and telemarketers.   So who do you trust to optimize your website?  I like  to rely on referrals.  I have personally worked with Longmont Business Marketing and have been very impressed with their services.  They produced results as promised at a reasonable cost along with personal and committed customer service.   I feel that Longmont Business Marketing is passionate about what they do and want their customers to be happy.   I recommend Longmont Business Marketing to businesses serious about improving their web-marketing presence.  Check them out at and tell them Life Cycle Balloon Adventures referred you.

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Weather & Hot Air Ballooning

People ask, why do we fly hot air balloons so early in the morning?   We generally fly hot air balloons just after sunrise when the winds are more calm and the weather conditions are more stable.  This stable condition is the result of  overnite cooling and the cooler air settling to the ground with warmer air aloft.  As the sun warms the earth’s surface, the cooler air at the surface begins to heat and rise and gradually creates more unstable conditions such as wind, clouds, and precipitation.  Visualize a pot of water heating up on a stove.  Notice how the water starts move and as it comes to a boil; this is a good analogy to what is happening in the atmosphere as the sun heats the earth’s surface.

Hot air balloons must fly in light winds, reasonably clear skies, and no precipitation or cold fronts in the area.  We know people are disappointed when their hot air balloon flight is cancelled due to unsafe weather.  At Life Cycle Balloon Adventures, safety is rule #1.  Rule #2 is that we want our passengers to have a wonderful and fun flight.  This is why we have been in business since 1971.

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Want to Buy a Hot Air Balloon?

I’ve been asked many times how much does it cost to purchase a new and/or used hot air balloon system.  I like to respond… “how much money do you have?”  Actually, new & used hot air balloon systems are comparable in price to new & used cars.  A new system starts around $25,000 and prices go up from there depending on size & options.  Used systems are a great value.  You can get a decent system starting around $6,000 to $10,000.  We have a couple or very nice used systems for sale.  They would be great for someone starting out in ballooning.  They have everything you need to get into the air.  Visit our website at and click on the services tab to see a list of the used equipment we have for sale.  We can also teach you how to fly a hot air balloon – see “Want to Learn to Fly”.

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