Happy New Year!

January 11, 2011 by admin
A nice Christmas Eve Flight

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas season, a safe and fun New Year celebration and is now settling into the new year.  We certainly are looking forward to a great new year with many activities in the works along with a couple of new events. 

Meanwhile, we have enjoyed some very nice balloon flying weather in December.  We had a great flight on Christmas Eve with almost spring-like weather.   It was fun flying with our santa hats as we came in for a landing behind the Home Depot in Longmont, CO.  We caught the attention of all the last minute Christmas shoppers as they watched us come in.  The kids were so excited as they dragged their parents from shopping to come and watch. 

We also flew with a couple that came out from Kansas just to fly with us.  This was a dream of theirs and Mother Nature was very cooperative in providing them a most awesome day to fly that week after Christmas. 

Our Passengers and Crew after our Dec 28th Flight