Frederick Miners Day Balloon Rally is coming up

August 18, 2010 by admin

The 4th annual Frederick Miners Day Balloon Rally is coming up Sept 18th & 19th in Frederick, CO.   This year, the town of Frederick will be hosting a 2 day event.  In previous years this was only an one day event.  The Town of Frederick has been very open to hot air ballooning and is welcoming balloonists with a Friday evening dinner, fuel for their balloons, lodging and very wonderful flying.  We launch from Centennial Park on the south side of town and enjoy beautiful flights over town and open fields with awesome views of the Colorado Front Range.   We invite you to come join us as a spectator, a volunteer crew member, and we still have some openings for balloonists that would like to come fly with us.  If you want more information about this event, please visit our website at and click on the contact us link and we will send you more info about the Miners Day event.