Winter Project – Hot Air Balloon Basket Repair

March 19, 2012 by admin

For my winter project, I decided it was time to rebuild my 11 year old FireFly 5.0 hot air balloon basket that has about about a 1000 hours. The hoses are a year old, the floor, runners, and load ropes are in great shape. The vertical wicker was looking pretty tired and damaged and had a lot of broken horizontal wicker. This project took a little over 2 months to complete (not working on it full time, I had other hot air balloons in the shop to work on as well). Glad the project is done  and looking forward to a great flying season.  If you would like to fly with us this summer, check out our specials on

Basket before rebuilding
Some of the basket damage
All the old wicker removed
Basket rebuild complete