Maria Riehl’s Bio

Life Cycle Balloon Adventures Company Bio

Maria Riehl is a native of Colorado and president of LIFE CYCLE BALLOON ADVENTURES, LLC. Flights are located in East Boulder County area, Frederick, Firestone, Dacono Colorado. Maria‘s interest in aviation started when she was born into a flying family. Her passion for hot air ballooning started on July 4th 1988 when she took her first hot air balloon flight with her dad Frank. Growing up in a “flying family” Maria has been around all types of aviation all of her life. A wonderful amazing life being around all different types of aircraft like fixed wing, rotorcraft, experimental, hang gliders, even skydiving and hot air balloons. Once she took that first flight she was hooked and never looked back.

Maria took lessons from her dad Frank and bonus mom Kris , working hard to receive her private pilot certificate (license) and immediately after receiving her commercial pilot certificate (license). Flying for her own hot air balloon company and with her families hot air balloon company, she and her family met Michael Gianetti who was the owner of Life Cycle Balloon Adventures, LLC. and chief pilot, Michael became a member of Maria’s “flying family” and dear friend since mid 90s. Maria became a contract pilot then chief pilot for Life Cycle Balloon Adventures, LLC., Michael retired of hot air ballooning & Maria is now the owner/president of Life Cycle Balloon Adventures, LLC . Maria is also a flight instructor and a Cameron Balloon Dealer since 1997, selling new and used systems and parts.

Maria is a member of the

Balloon Federation of America
Professional Ride Operators
The Colorado Balloon Club

Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau

Maria and her next generation “flying family” are looking forward to flying with you.

Life Cycle Balloon Adventures LLC., continues to fly in many locations across the Colorado Front Range from Northern Colorado, Boulder County, Lakewood & Littleton areas. Maria loves sharing her passion with her children, family, friends and future passengers. Currently instructing several new student hot air balloonists enthusiasts.

Maria and her “flying family” are looking forward to flying you and making life long memories with you and check this off your bucket list and remember it’s only a sunrise away!