A happy flyer!

May 27, 2010 by admin
A happy flyer

When Amy met us in the for Sunday’s flight, she was a little nervous… actually quite scared of going up in a hot air balloon.  Todd, her boyfriend, and my crew chief Lisa talked with her and comforted her.  I also explained she had already did one of the most dangerous things she could have done already today… she rode in a vehicle to the launch field.  The balloon flight will be one of the safest things she will experience today.  We took off with Amy white knuckled, but determined to do this.  We flew low for a while and explained everything that was going on in the flight.  As she got more comfortable, we went up higher to about 2,500 feet above the ground.  When it was time to land, we came into a school parking lot and skidded a little on the parking lot but nothing really dramatic.  When she got out of the basket, she ran over to Lisa and gave her a big hug and said she was happy she did it.  In fact, she said she would be totally regretting it if she had decided not go on the balloon flight.  Now she’s thinking she wants to do this again.  She actually had a great time!